FARPACO is a network of professionals and experts, each leveraging long experience and versatile qualities to form a successful and dynamic team. Our people are drawn from different backgrounds and are united by a set of shared values. This enables us to provide our customers with a broad range of perspectives, ideas and capabilities.

Company profile

Being present and interactive at both national and international unions and congresses gives us advanced knowledge of upcoming trends and requirements, so that our customers can rest assured that our solutions are the optimum ones aligned with their future needs.

Where reliability is as important as accuracy, FARPACO is motivated to get involved. Our global partnerships enables us to offer, manage, and execute national and international projects on a reliable foundation. Based on our resonant experience and broad expertise, we bring out the right customized solutions for our client's needs. We offer a full package of reliable advisory and support including:

  • lens Feasibility study and critical market analysis according to the customer's demands.
  • lens Establishment of effective new cooperation by linking the customers to their right partners around the globe.
  • lens Management and conduction of the established partnerships at different levels of execution.
  • lens Sale and after-sale services
  • lens Finance of specific projects

Code of conduct

The FARPACO global code of conduct is a commitment to "Performance with excellence and integrity". This defines the standard framework for an ethical conduct in which respect to both national and international laws and regulations is boldly highlighted.


  • lens Expertise in key issue-areas such as high-technologies and innovation, capital markets, business planning and designing investment market policies.
  • lens Vision and creativity, translated into concrete projects and opportunities.
  • lens Ability to transfer and/or adapt leading evaluation, monitoring, and communication approaches to boost our projects.
  • lens A wide-ranging and far-reaching network of global partners which is constantly expanding.
  • lens Responsibility and crystal-clear transparency.

Commitment to sustainability

We aim to be oriented towards sustainability. As an independent, privately owned company, FARPACO can plan in the long run without having to think in terms of quarters. The resulting entrepreneurial freedom allows promoting sustainability in our business lines. We encourage new approaches and ways of thinking which bring our customers sustained benefits. Respect for each individual employee, self-responsibility and open, flat organizational structures shape our corporate culture and ensure fast, un-bureaucratic decision-making advantages that benefit our customers to the full. We have placed great emphasis on environmental awareness and protection. We provide consultancy services to our customers about the highest requirements for energy efficiency and environmental performance in their business.