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The industrial world is facing a dynamic transformation which is led by globalization, digitalization and the transition to efficient systems. These transformations enable new methods of value creation to be added to the entire value-chain. The outcomings are pragmatic, scalable and sustainable.

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Smart sensing is a game-changer as it allows continuous and real-time measurements of critical process parameters, conditions and issues related to the advanced manufacturing.

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The technology of 3D printing is bringing tremendous opportunities with itself, shaping the future of production and maintenance industries.

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The comprehensive databases (big data) collected and processed by billions of devices need to be analyzed and interpreted to provide intelligent insights.

The latest from us

December 07, 2020

Our recent publication on additive manufacturing of metals

This month we have an exciting research news coming from our collaboration with the ministry of science, research and technology. Our colleagues are authors of a chapter in the recent book "Laser Cladding of Metals" edited by Prof. Pasquale Cavaliere and published by Springer Nature. Their chapter is titled as "Laser Cladding of Metals by Additive Manufacturing: Moving Toward 3D Printing" and aims to briefly introduce different aspects of laser-based additive manufacturing processes and provide insights on the associated industrial market-value and the current existing challenges in the field. For access to the digital or hard copy, you can click below.

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