Industry 4.0: Connectivity and Operational Excellence

Time to take steps forward.
Industry 4.0

Technology is rapidly growing and reshaping our lives. We are now facing the fourth industrial revolution also known as Industry 4.0 which can simply be addressed in a few words as

"Connecting the physical to digital"

The whole Industry 4.0 is not driven by a single technology. In fact, it is evolving as a result of tight and joint collaboratin between many technologies including:

  • - Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • - Sensing Technologies
  • - Big Data/Smart Data
  • - Cloud Technology
  • - Internet of Things
  • - Cyber-Physical Systems
  • - Network Development and Security
  • - Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing
Benefits of Industrial Digitalization

Digitalization enables new methods of value creation to be added to the entire value-chain. The outcomings are pragmatic, scalable and sustainable.

  • lens Connectivity and operational excellence
  • lens Smart manufacturing (comprehensive view of the production)
  • lens Enhanced productivitty
  • lens Predictive maintenance (unscheduled downtimes avoided)
  • lens Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Note To Managers

Dear industry manager,

We are standing at a critical and unique time where our adaptability to technological changes can define us a winner or loser in our business lines in the near future. This means changing the attitudes and pushing up new boundaries to retain the competitive advantages of "smart manufacturing" is the key to success. New working paradigms and shift of management mindset is now a necessity. Let's stay ahead of the curve.

Smart machines are on the way.

Is your business ready?