Smart Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

What We Do

Following the country’s policies to steadily increase the volume of the oil and gas extraction and production, FARPACO aims to offer breakthrough solutions in every area of the Oil and Gas industry from upstream to midstream to downstream for both onshore and offshore operations. Our ultimate vision is to empower industrial managers and project engineers making better operative, strategic and tactical decisions and actions by deploying smart technologies and platforms.

Smart Measurements & Control

Integrated network of state-of-the-art sensors and devices allow real-time capture of the critical data which can provide deep insights on various aspects of the process management and thus results in smart and fact-based decisions. These sensors are sufficiently flexible and robust to deal with the complex nature of manufacturing plants and processes

Lifecycle Optimization

By digitalization, the whole production lifecycle in the Oil & Gas industry including development planning, reservoir management and workflow organization can be optimized. The optimization will be direct consequence of capturing, sharing and processing the abundance of data and enabling the following benefits:

  • lens Improved equipment reliability
  • lens Enhanced productivity gains
  • lens Improvements in safety, quality and yield
  • lens Quick and smart forecast and alert systems
  • lens Increased innovation and agility with new and value-add products
  • lens Management of the environment, core energy and materials resources.

By critical analysis of the market demands and deep understanding of the advanced technologies, we provide customized solutions to each segment in Oil and Gas industry. Depending on the scale of the projects, we can play the following roles:

  • lens Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor
  • lens Channel partner with high-ranked technology owners
  • lens Executaion manager of research and development (R&D) projects
  • lens Consultant in advanced technology-oriented projects

Smart Refinery:

Future Direction of the Petrochemical Industry

Key outcomings of smart refinery

  • lens Realization of comprehensive and real-time control
  • lens Data management and integration
  • lens Advanced data analysis (smart forecast and allerts)
  • lens Asset optimization and customization

Vital Information Collecting

Online and real-time monitoring of the microscopic conditions of wells.