Increased industrial growth with data-driven insights

Industrial Big Data

As a direct consequence of digitalization in industries, huge amount of data is created. This data (which is really BIG) has a great potential to boost economic growth and quality improvement in a broad array of industries. The collected data can be stored, analyzed, processed, visualized and then used to provide smart insights.

It is an inevitable fact that industries that are able to analyze their industrial data are expected to gain new market potentials. Real-time analysis of the machines and surrounding data enables industries to realistically estimate the conditions of the plant and avoid unnecessary time/energy consuming work steps.

Key Outcoming

In general, the key outcoming of big data analysis is the data-driven insights translated into fact-based management and decisions.


Useful implementation of the data requires comprehensive analysis which fundamentaly enables industries to make better decisions in the related areas.

Big Data + Analytics= Smart Data

The correctly analyzed data turn into smart data. Depending on the required information, four types of analysis can be applied on the raw data:

  • lens Descriptive: capturing conditions, environments and operations.
  • lens Diagnostic: examining the causes of any quantity/quality reduction or failure.
  • lens Predictive: detecting patterns of signals and events.
  • lens Prescriptive: identifying measures to improve defects and fix the problems.

Our Projects

New sources of big data are generated by emerging growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and this will have tremendous impact on the industries. At FARPACO, we are interested in the whole process of the conversion of data-to-knowledge-to-action for industrial applications.

In close collaborations with universities and research centers as well as data mining companies all around the world, we aim to provide big data analysis services to our customers to help them gain more profitability and quality improvement out of their industries.