Can you manage what you do not measure?

Smart sensors help you better manage your industry.
Advanced Sensor Technologies

Smart sensing is a game-changer as it allows continuous and real-time measurements of critical process parameters, conditions and issues related to the advanced manufacturing. The integrated network of sensors enables increased productivity, improved products and processes, controlled energy and raw material usage, environmental sustainability and better safety performances. These all together can result in enhanced economic growth as well as enhanced competitiveness in the market.

Key Outcomings

  • lens Real-time monitoring.
  • lens Reduced energy consumption and waste stream.
  • lens Automatic and real-time process control and optimization.
  • lens Quick detection and correction of potential failures and faults.
  • lens Reduced downtimes of the plants.

Our Projects

To help manufacturing plants gain more profits out of their business, at FARPACO we are willing to help them in implementation of advanced sensor technologies. We recognize vital and key parameters of each production line and accordingly offer our customers the best customized solution among the well-established and existing solutions in the market.

Moreover, we manage industry-oriented research and development projects to obtain know-how of different technologies of sensors. Based on our experiences, we have comprehensive knowledge and background on different sensing and techniques. Currently, we are involved in R&D projects for implementation of optical fiber sensors for applications in pipeline, power grid and health constructions. We also collaborate with some technology owners of sensors based on Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) technique.